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Dragonward is a retro-inspired arcade game with focus on resource management. It features a simple yet beautiful 4 colors pixel art and remarcable chiptune music.

You're a newbie traveler on the road to the dragon's nest. Your objective is to slay the dragon, save the realm and, of course, become The Dragon Slayer! Sorry no ladies in distress here.


  • Walk a lot;
  • See a beautiful world;
  • Fight fearsome monsters;
  • Live odd events;
  • Make choices to survive;
  • Save money for the lunch;
    • Or lose it on a dice game
  • Cook on the firepit;
  • Venture in dangerous dungeons;
  • Walk more;
  • Step over deadly traps;
  • Collect mysterious writings;
  • Get stronger;
  • Take some rides with experient people;
  • Beat a fearsome dragon.

Or you'll just die on the first stage.
It also features an offline score board, so you can compete with the grandpa!


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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I played it 20 minutes. Its enjoyable, but I feel it needs more enemy variety and more ? chances with the potential for something bad to happen. My highest score was 125. 

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Hey, thanks for playing Dragonward! I'm glad that you found some joy in it.

The game actually features more content, it has more stages with different rules for the resources and a bit of variance on the monsters behaviors, and dungeons that makes it harder for surviving.

Also, choosing different answers for the events (question marks) may spice things as the outcome can change, and there's a trade off in between chance and reward (including bad things) according to the one you pick.

I hope you don't give up yet [: